03 Under New Management

03 Under New Management

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Schlock Mercenary Book 3

The future is not apocalyptic. The future is not utopian. The future, as fate would have it, is hilarious.

Meet Schlock, Legs, Tagon, and the rest of the mercenaries of "Tagon's Toughs," a small company dragooned into government service by the rotund General Xinchub. The scary fat man is going to pay them to hunt down their friends... unless they give him a reason to blow them up without paying them at all.

This is the first-ever print collection of Schlock Mercenary comics, and is the third book, chronologically. It includes the complete "Under New Management" story, plus all new footnotes, Sunday-style coloring on every strip, sketches galore, deck plans of the Serial Peacemaker, a group 'photo,' and a bonus 'origins' story about Sergeant Schlock and his first plasma cannon.

80 pages