Digital Only: Planet Mercenary RPG in PDF format

Digital Only: Planet Mercenary RPG in PDF format

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Planet Mercenary RPG in PDF format & Mayhem Deck in PDF
The Gun-Toting Maxim-Quoting Space Opera RPG

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This role-playing game takes place in the universe of the Schlock Mercenary comic strip, but you don't need to read the comic to enjoy the game. This book contains everything you need to create characters, equip them, and load them onto warships for adventures across the galaxy. Build your own mercenary company and accept all the best contracts. Rescue ecotourists from Eina Afa’s Stormring Sea. Leap between the Pereri Ring’s tethered asteroids in pursuit of pirates. Brave the dark heart of Ellwor’s mechorganic jungle in search of the Greater Meatsnatch.

Engineered for speed and simplicity, the Planet Mercenary RPG lets you play out these adventures quickly with three six-sided dice and the 108-card Mayhem deck (Card deck included, dice sold separately) —a set of story-building, plot-twisting, occasionally explosive elements that can transform even a mundane encounter into a turning point for the entire mission. You and your group will weave magnificent, raucous, and probably hilarious adventure stories, and everyone will enjoy themselves …even when things go terribly wrong.

If you're not an RPG player, but love Schlock Mercenary, this book offers a deep dive into history and worldbuilding of the Schlockiverse. The margin notes contain a Schlockiverse mini-story not available any where else.

The book is a PDF fuke, 352 pages, in full color.
A PDF of the Deck of 108 Mayhem cards included with book purchase