Casters Bastards

Casters Bastards

  • $40.00

When the Skullkickers take on a mission at the Academy of Serious Sorcery and Holistic Occult Learning, it'll take every ounce of courage they possess to find their target while steering clear of warped wizardry, whimsical wands and wicked witchcraft wielded by weeping wimps or woeful waifs.

This book is both a celebration of sword & sorcery adventure and a cunning cash grab built around the staggering ever-increasing popularity of that damned nostalgic RPG we all know and love despite its endless flaws.


A brand new 36-page Skullkickers comic story brought to you by Jim Zub (Dungeons & Dragons, Conan the Barbarian, Avengers) and Edwin Huang (Street Fighter, Darkstalkers)!

A brand new 170-page 5e roleplaying game adventure and campaign sourcebook for characters levels 1-10 brought to you by Jim Zub, Mike Olson (FATE, Atomic Robo the RPG) and E.R.F. Jordan (Mythic Encounters, Eidol)!

• new social rules and encounters
• spells and magic dysfunction rules
• strange creatures and curses
• magic items
• an enchanted academy of learning and stunning isometric tower map
• an old school trap-laden dungeon crawl